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Leigh & Marvin Resistance Band

At Primed Performance Training, your private training session is programmed and customized to meet your own personal needs. Your private training session begins with a complete functional assessment; where our coach will measure your current movement mechanics, posture, balance and overall conditioning. The results of your assessment empower our Primed Coach to develop a unique plan for you designed to address your specific needs based on your results. This allows us to not only build your strength, but also to rebalance and retrain the body for maximum efficiency and strength.

Benefits of Private Training:

  •             Individualized exercise prescription
  •             Program tailored to your sport and lifestyle goals
  •             Flexible schedule
  •             Specialized Coaching
  •             Fast Results

Private Training Service Options

  •             Functional Assessment
  •             1 on 1 Training
  •             Pairs Training