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Criss Hartzell and his friends on the John Muir Trail.


Criss Hartzell:

I owe Reyci a ton of thanks for training me this last year. I am 64 years old, and although I have had periods in my life when I have been relatively athletic (42 minute 10K runs and ~5 hour century bike rides), last January I had reached a low point. Today I feel that I am probably in the best overall shape that I have ever been in. I wish that I had had Reyci as a trainer when I was younger, because I simply move better now than I ever have. Last January, a friend asked me to backpack the John Muir Trail in the California High Sierra (110 miles, 10 days) the coming August. When I mentioned to friends that I needed a personal trainer, I heard about Reyci and decided to give him a try. If it had not been for him, I would not have been able to hike the trail.

As it turned out, I felt that I was among the best prepared of the 6 in our group. Whether it was balancing on a log over a raging torrent with a 55 pound pack or steadily climbing 5000 feet up Mt. Whitney, I kept thinking of the lessons that Reyci taught me.

Reyci never made me feel bad, even when starting out I could not do a single pushup or balance on one foot for more than 10 seconds. He quickly assessed my level of disrepair and gave me workouts that I was able to accomplish, but left me feeling that I had pushed my limits. He was always encouraging and motivating. The workouts changed often to incorporate new exercises and adapt to my needs so that I was seldom bored or dreading the next horrific workout. I have had personal trainers before, but they have never given me the level of personal attention and feeling of accomplishment that Reyci has.

Katie Yielding Hughes:

I have always worked out and been in pretty decent shape.  I worked out through my pregnancy; up until the day I went into labor. However, my daughter was 2 1/2 and I still hadn’t quite gotten back to my pre-pregnancy size.  I decided to take the month of December off and just start exercising again in January when Primed opened. During the very first workout, I was immediately amazed. I didn’t think I could do a more intense or varied workout than I already had been doing. Every single workout was completely different than anything I had done.  It incorporated so many different types of workouts that I never knew what to expect ….and never knew how much fun it could be!
At the end of January, my first month at Primed, I had lost 5 pounds– but more importantly, I was wearing pants and skirts that I had not worn in over 4 years. I have received so many compliments on how great I look!  I actually weigh less now than I did a year before I got pregnant!
Reyci and David are incredibly knowledgable.  They spend focused time with you and genuinely care about your goals and concerns.   I sincerely cannot wait for the next workout to see what’s next.

Lawrence Ferguson:

Working out with David over the past 6-months has been AMAZING!  He has toned and transformed every inch of my body.  His work outs are designed to tackle those muscles you aren’t use to using.  My energy level, stamina and overall well-being have been consistently pushed to the next level.  The use of the ViPRs and functional training equipment puts a fun and effective spin on my sessions and as result I am never bored.  My clothes fit better and I get compliments from friends on my transformation.

Jack Hardy:

Here are my rules for working out: Rule #1: Have fun. Rule #2: See the first rule. The sense of community and upbeat energy at Primed (from Reyci, David, and everyone working out) is so encouraging. Reyci and David know exactly how to push each member, always giving positive individualized attention. However, although a Primed workout is always fun, it’s no walk in the park.

I started working out at Primed two months ago, and my inner athlete, having been dormant for years, has come right back. Every session is a challenge: a total-body, heart-pumping, sweat-covered accomplishment. I cannot recommend Primed highly enough. From beginners to athletes, this is the perfect place to workout

Chris Waldron:

A little over a year ago, I began working out with Reyci. I was 50 pounds heavier, could barely run across the street without gasping for breath, and was pretty convinced that I would never exercise again. After having tried several gym memberships, setting up my own workout routines, and failing several diets, I convinced a buddy from work to try going to a new gym with me two nights a week for a month to see how it went.

We met Reyci at this new gym and he went easy on us at first, recognizing that we were pretty far from being in shape. But the workouts Reyci crafted were engaging and addictive. Each day we didn’t know what to expect. We knew we were going to hurt, but there was something oddly compelling about the pain coupled with the sense of accomplishment we got after each workout. Reyci encouraged us through the rougher parts, and modified the workout to accommodate us.

Pretty soon we increased to three days a week, started getting better, and in conjunction with a diet I finally stuck to, I began to lose weight and feel better. I remember the first time I completed the workout routine with no modifications–I was plastered to the floor for a good 15 minutes after it, but I was smiling the entire time.

Now I can complete all of the workouts unmodified, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There’s still so much more to accomplish. Still, I genuinely look forward to working out–and if you knew me before, you’d know how ridiculous that sounds coming from me.

Eventually we recruited a third and then a fourth buddy from work. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the four of us encourage each other to go workout that night. We meet up at the gym and then hangout a bit after the workout. Between the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment, I’m not sure which I enjoy more, but I know that it’s an experience that I want to keep in my life for years to come.