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Primed Performance Training’s unique programming focuses on the training of movement, not muscle. We develop efficient, quick and powerful movement abilities that translate into increased strength, movement, agility, flexibility and overall performance. Our method is truly functional and derived from practical experience and sport science research. While traditional methods of training have their place, they can all leave the body ill-prepared for the rigors of sports and life.

The Primed system identifies seven essential fitness characteristics: balance, speed, agility, quickness, multi directional movement skills, whole body strength/power and whole body integration as attributes that contribute to making athletes more skillful and durable. Regardless of your fitness goals, the complete Primed training experience is coached with an integration of sport movement mechanics essential for success.

The Primed Performance Training program is designed to motivate and inspire people of all ages and levels. We provide an exclusive private setting with no general memberships. Our team creates a training environment designed to motivate you to put forth your best effort and inspire you to meet your sport and fitness goals.

The Primed training experience offers a wide variety of training service options. Whether you enjoy training on your own, in a large or small group, with a friend or a teammate or even with your team or staff members, we have the program for you. For more information on each service please read further into each section.